US Wellness Meats Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Finding responsibly sourced meat has become a challenge since an increasing number of farms are failing to adhere to organic farming practices. In this US Wellness Meats review, we’re going to look at how the meat sourced by the company is different from the meat you can get at a supermarket.

Besides the best grill equipment, you’re going to need meat that contains a low amount of fat to make a tasty barbeque.

Services like US Wellness Meats have become some of the most trusted sources of fresh meat in the United States as they obtain meat from farms that don’t give steroids or antibiotics to animals.

Our US Wellness Meats review will take you through all aspects of using this meat-delivery service, and help you understand what sets it apart from companies that provide similar services.

About US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats is a meat delivery service owned by Grassland Beef LLC. The company was started by a group of Missouri-based farmers that wanted to establish a nationwide distribution of responsibly sourced meat products.

Currently, the company acquires meat from farms located in northeast Missouri and western Illinois, as well as from an Australian farmer based in Tasmania. The US Wellness Meats’ farm network prides itself in providing an alternative to large companies’ cattle-raising practices.

The products you can acquire through US Wellness Meats aren’t certified organic, although the meat comes from animals that only received natural food. Besides beef, poultry, and pork, the service also delivers game meat and food products used in special diets.

The US Wellness Meats doesn’t offer meat subscriptions. Go through our guide to the best meat subscriptions if you’d like to have meat delivered to your doorstep regularly.

Animal Treatment

The inhumane treatment of animals at food production farms has been a hotly disputed subject as animals are kept in poor conditions and restricted.

The quality of food animals on big-business cattle-raising farms often contains growth hormones and antibiotics, while the grass they’re given is treated with pesticides.

Besides ethical concerns, meat produced in this manner also raises health issues as it contains high amounts of fat or lacks vitamins animals get from eating wild vegetation.

The Grassland Beef’s farms’ network adheres to organic methods of making meat products since the cows, bison, and other animals are allowed to roam freely through pastures and graze. Also, none of the farms utilizes artificial irrigation methods or pesticides to cultivate grass.

The meat from animals that are raised in this manner is both healthier and tastier than the mass-produced meat that is available in most supermarkets. Check out our guide to finding the best meat for grilling if you’re not sure which type of meat you should get for the barbeque.

Product Range


You can order a broad spectrum of meats through the US Wellness Meats service, as well as processed meats such as franks, bacon, and sausages or pemmican. However, the majority of products you can find on the US Wellness Meats website fall into these three categories.

All beef products are made in accordance with the highest sustainability standards, as the animals weren’t allowed to eat grain. Consequently, the grass-fed beef you can acquire through the US Wellness Meats is entirely natural.

The same is true for poultry products because chickens, ducks, or turkeys aren’t held captive in cages or fed GMO grains, as is usually the case on factory farms. Each animal moves freely and eats natural food they can find in open pastures.

You will find a broad selection of pork meat and products at the US Wellness Meats that ranges from pork burger patties to sugar-free meatballs and fresh pork ham steaks.

Also, the website offers lamb, bison, and similar heritage meats as well as seafood so that you can choose the type of meat you want to order.

Special Diets, Healthy Snacks, and Other Offers

Special Diets, Healthy Snacks, and Other Offers

US Wellness Meats is a great place to shop if you have special dietary requirements or if you’re suffering from autoimmune diseases. The company offers products that are suitable for the following special diets:

So, if you’re searching for meat products that are rich in Omega-3 acids and contain low levels of processed sugars, the US Wellness Meats website might be a great place to start. You can also get healthy snacks like pork rinds or different types of organic nuts through the company’s website.

The impressive selection of organs, bones, fats, or gelatins and broths enables you to choose the food supplements that best match your dietary habits. Ordering different types of organic cheese or butter is yet another option the US Wellness Meats offers.

You can even order pet food, as the company offers a variety of food products for dogs and cats.

Pricing and Discount Options

The cost of the meat products you can find at the US Wellness Meats online store is reasonable enough to fit most budgets, while some items are significantly less expensive than in similar stores.

Buying several ribeye steaks will decrease the price you’ll pay per item, which makes this online store a great place for bulk online shopping. Check out our New York strip vs ribeye comparison to learn more about the differences between these two types of steaks.

The website has a SALE section that is updated on a weekly level where you can find a broad range of products at discounted prices. However, subscribing for regular deliveries on US Wellness Meats is not an option, and you must look elsewhere if you want to receive subscription boxes every month.

Delivery Time and Shopping Experience


Unlike most meat-delivery services that deliver products within the contiguous United States, the US Wellness Meats makes deliveries to all 50 states and Canada. It takes up to 48 hours for the order to reach your home and deliveries are made from Monday to Wednesday.

It is worth noting that grass-fed beef is delivered on a monthly level so the waiting time for this type of meat product can be longer. The meat isn’t shipped frozen and you must place it into a cool storage room as soon as it reaches you.

Placing an order at the Wellness Meats online store is a quick and simple process since you just have to add the items you want to purchase to the shopping cart and complete the payment. However, you can’t place orders for less than 7lbs of meat or values lower than $75.

All orders are delivered for free, but the $9.50 handling fee is added to the cost of your order.

US Wellness Meats – Pros and Cons


  • All products at US Wellness Meats are healthy and organic
  • Excellent selection of different types of meats
  • The website’s Sales section is updated weekly
  • Quick delivery times


  • The meat subscription box option isn’t available
  • Grass-fed beef deliveries are made once per month

The Best Alternatives to the US Wellness Meats

Despite producing and delivering high-quality meat products for more than two decades, the US Wellness Meats isn’t the largest online marketplace where you can buy different types of meats.

Also, products like Kobe or Wagyu beef aren’t available so if you would like to order luxury beef or subscribe to monthly deliveries you will have to consider alternative options. Go through our Snake River Farms review if you’re searching for a reliable source of high-quality meat.

We’ve selected some of the best US Wellness Meats alternatives that may grants you access to an even wider selection of meat products. Here’s what they can offer.


butcher box

In case you don’t want to go through endless lists of meat products, you should head over to the ButcherBox and get one of the available meat boxes. You can choose between Mixed, Beef&Chicken, Beef&Pork, or All Beef boxes that contain between 8.5 and 11lbs of meat.

The subscription for either of these preset orders is $129.00, while the Customized Box subscription option that can contain between 9 and 14lbs of meat products you choose costs $149.00. Optionally, you can pick the Big Box option that includes enough meat for 50 to 60 meals.

The company doesn’t charge the shipping fees for orders you place and enables you to select how frequently the orders are going to be delivered. However, you should keep in mind that this meat delivery service is in high demand so it may take a while until your subscription request is approved.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow

The huge farm network that contains more than a hundred farms makes the Crowd Cow one of the most reliable meat delivery services in the US. The platform enables you to purchase meat products from particular farms or get game meat products that don’t contain artificial ingredients or hormones.

You can customize your box by adding items you want to buy to it, but this online meat shop doesn’t offer preset meat box options. The platform’s Gift section lets you create gift boxes for your friends and colleagues.

The cost of products you can find at the Crowd Cow is similar to prices offered by other meat delivery services, and you will get 5% off for all subscription purchases. The diversity of meat products the Crowd Cow enables you to find meats that aren’t available at other online stores.

Porter Road

Porter Road

Even though the selection of meat types the Porter Road offers can seem underwhelming when compared to US Wellness Meats or Crowd Cow, the quality of meat products is the same or slightly better than at other online butcher shops.

You can choose between pork, lamb, beef, and chicken products, although the chicken category features only the whole chicken and chicken stock options. Other meat categories contain a variety of raw and processed meat options so you can decide if you want to get a sirloin fillet or lamb stew meat.

All the products you can find at the Porter Road are acquired from private farms and cut at the company’s facility in Kentucky. For more information about this meat-delivery service, you can read our Porter Road review.

Frequently Asked Questions About US Wellness Meats

Question: Does US Wellness Meats ship its products frozen?

Answer: Most meat you purchase at the US Wellness Meats is going to be delivered frozen, but some types of beef are just going to be cooled during transportation.

Question: Can I order grass-fed beef from US Wellness Meats more often than once a month?

Answer: The company delivers grass-fed beef monthly and it isn’t possible to receive packages that contain these products more frequently.

Question: Do I have to create an account at the US Wellness Meats to place an order?

Answer: Setting up an account at the US Wellness Meats is a mandatory step if you want to order meat products through this platform. However, it takes just a few moments of your time to make a new account.

Question: Does the US Wellness Meats have a return policy?

Answer: The company doesn’t have a return policy. In addition, it doesn’t offer refunds for orders you want to return. Even so, the company’s customer support is going to help you to resolve any problem you encountered with your order.

Final Thoughts: Is shopping at US Wellness Meats a good choice?

Research data shows that less than 1% of beef on the US market is grass-finished, which indicates that the cattle often eats the food that affects the quality of its meat.

Meat delivery services like the US Wellness Meats grant you access to meat that was obtained from animals that were treated humanely and allowed to maintain their natural diet. Consequently, none of the products you purchase at this online store is going to contain steroids or antibiotics.

The prices and countless discount options make the US Wellness Meats a popular destination for meat lovers across the United States and Canada.

The only downside is that you can’t subscribe for orders that are delivered at regular intervals, so every time you want to replenish your meat supply you need to place another order. We hope that our US Wellness review has helped you decide if you should shop at this online store.

Share your opinions with us in the comments or continue reading our Meat n’ Bone review to learn more about this virtual butcher shop.

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