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Meet Our Team of Grill Masters

Grill Master that you are, you’re sure to have a deep desire for only the best tools, which create a great grilling experience.

And you wouldn’t be able to make any of it happen without just the right cut of a juicy steak or the freshest vegetables. You’ve likely spent gobs of money in the past on the best grills, skewers, seasonings, and so much more.

It can be nerve-wracking trying to find the right grilling gear for your backyard. After all, you’re feeding your friends and family, so it simply has to be the best. Unfortunately, you’ve had your fair share of failures, resulting in burnt food, and tasteless meals. Plus, nobody wants to spend too much money on the wrong stuff.

No matter what kind of grilling you’re into, our experienced team can guide your mastery of outdoor cooking with all of the information you need.

Art of Grill will help you find the best grill, the right utensils, the tastiest seasonings, the juiciest meat, and the freshest ingredients. We’ll walk you through grilling everything to perfection from ignition to final flip.

You can be sure that after reading through our tutorials, reviews, and comparisons, you’ll no longer wonder what the best choice for you might be.

Our Grilling Mission

Our promise is to ensure your success on the grill so you can enjoy both the experience and the results of your craft. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, or sauteing your favorite foods, we’ll have everything you need to get it done.


What We Offer

We aren’t just into finding the quickest and easiest ways for you to cook up a meal. We’re all about refining the art of grilling. We want to deliver you with raw honesty, so we’ll cover comparisons between popular grills, grilling techniques, and other grilling gadgets that’ll transform your grilling journey.

How This Works

Here at Art of Grill, we want to deliver only the best product recommendations straight to your screen. To ensure we deliver only the best of the best, we test out every single product we recommend. And we don’t just give it a quick whirl and jump to some dramatic conclusion.

We use it for months before we ever write up anything about it. If we’re testing out a new grill brush, we’ll not only use it for grilling in multiple types of weather, but we’ll also run the gamut on cleaning and storage of the utensil to see how it holds up.

We’re proud of the time we dedicate to testing these products thoroughly, saving you time and money in the end. We take this approach to every single review, comparison, and product list we write. Our goal is to make sure you have all of the information you need before you invest in anything new. You’ll get the highest quality and most useful products, which makes grilling so much more fun.

Our multi-step review process is tailored to each individual product, but we do follow some of the same simple steps to ensure that all of our articles are consistent. This makes our site easier for you to navigate and understand. Here’s what we do:

  • We’ll see a product we want to try or someone will recommend something they love, so we purchase it for review. We DO NOT accept free or discounted products from the manufacturer. This is to ensure that our reviews are honest and unbiased.
  • We test all products in an appropriate environment and for long enough to get a good idea of its quality. We’ll use a grill for at least a year, we’ll use utensils for a few months, and we’ll use food until, well, it’s eaten.
  • While testing each product, we’ll keep a log of each use and every step along the way. We record our thoughts on the experience and how we felt it improved our grilling and food quality.
  • Every article is written by the person who used the product. We don’t pass off our notes to someone else for interpretation and writing. We ensure that we provide you with the best, most direct information possible. However, our writers do rely on our editorial staff for support.
  • We update articles as our community asks questions, and we replace discontinued products with a newer version or something better.

And if you didn’t know it already, you can master this! Grilling doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need better resources.

You’re here because you want to learn, and that means success is already in your blood. Soon, people will be raving about your food and neighbors will show up when they see you start up the grill. We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to share our passion with you.

Our Core Values

  • Authenticity
  • Boldness
  • Passion
  • Trustworthiness

Delicious food, healthy meals, function, passion, and trustworthiness.

Our Grill Chefs

Sarah Caldwell – Sear Advocate

Sarah believes you should always heat to your meat. But, spicy meat and grilled veggies isn’t the reason why Sarah fell in love with grilling. As she’s taking care of her kids all day long, she wanted to find a way to re-discover her passion for cooking. So, Sarah fell in love with grilling when she realized she could combine her passion for cooking into a social event.  Now, she loves learning all she can to impress her friends and neighbors to keep them coming back for more cookouts!

Why am I giving advice on Art of Grill?

I love grilling! There’s nothing more relaxing to me than going out to grill an amazing meal after a long day. I love the smell of the meat cooking on the grill, I love watching how the fire reacts to different seasoning, and I love humbly bragging to everyone in the neighborhood about how delicious my meal is going to be (just because you know, smoke carries the scent).  

What’s the first meal you ever grilled?

The first meal I ever grilled was KC strip with skewed potatoes, bell peppers, and onions.

What’s your favorite food to grill?

I love grilled vegetables, but my husband loves grilled steak, so we both get what we want when we grill!

What’s your all-time favorite grill?

I love Weber charcoal grills. The art of grilling is in the prep. It’s cheating to simply flip a switch.

What’s your biggest secret to a delicious grilled meal?

Thaw the meat thoroughly before seasoning. Himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper to season. Grill low and slow to medium or medium-rare. Let the steak rest for 5 minutes before devouring.

Justin Caldwell – Low N Slow Champion

One day Justin was baking an apple pie, but his oven burner went bad. He didn’t want a good apple pie go to waste, so he decided to try to grill it. It was the best apple pie Justin had ever had in his life. Even since then, he’s become obsessed with the versatility of grilling. Not only does he love trying out different strange concoctions to throw on the grill, but he loves how much of a hassle it saves him cleaning up in the kitchen!

Why am I giving advice on Art of Grill?

I love grilling and smoking meat! I enjoy finding new and creative ways to grill various types of foods. I recently started using a salt block on my grill and it has transformed the way I cook food.

What’s the first meal you ever grilled?

The first meal I ever grilled was probably hamburgers. From that point on I was hooked.

What’s your favorite food to grill?

My favorite food to grill is steak. I love steak. I’m not picky about the cut, although I am partial to ribeyes. My wife loves filets, so I cook those frequently as well.

What’s your all-time favorite grill?

I enjoy the simplicity of a charcoal grill. It gives the meat a nice smoky flavor. I use a Weber kettle grill a lot of the time. It gives me enough room to cook food for our family of six and our meat doesn’t have the gas flavor often associated with propane grills.

What’s your biggest secret to a delicious grilled meal?

Keep it simple. A lot of people want to get fancy and try something complicated before they master the simple things. There’s something about a basic salt and pepper rub that brings out the flavor in most meats.

Jason Mclay – Smoke Master

Grilling has always been a way of life for Jason. He fell in love with grilling because he realized how much freedom there is in grilling. Growing up, Jason loved watching his dad grilling. And he’s grateful he inherited the grilling gene from his father!

Why am I giving advice on Art of Grill?

A surprising number of people are very intimidated when it comes to grilling and I would like to help change that. Cooking outdoors on a warm summer’s day surrounded by friends and family is a great way to drop off some stress and have some fun.

Grilling these days is easier than easier. Grill technology is better than it ever has been and there is a great variety from the traditional charcoal grill to the pellet grill, and perhaps the easiest of all — the gas grill. There is no excuse not to take your culinary skills out of the house and nto the backyard and create a mouth-watering masterpiece.

What’s the first meal you ever grilled?

I started simply with hamburgers and hot dogs. It’s a pretty good way to become comfortable around the grill and if you mess up, no problem, just grab another hamburger patty or hot dog and pick up where you left off. It’s not going to break the bank if you drop one through the grill or turn a hot dog into a carbon log.

What’s your favorite food to grill? 

I started simply with hamburgers and hot dogs. It’s a pretty good way to become comfortable around the grill and if you mess up, no problem, just grab another hamburger patty or hot dog and pick up where you left off. It’s not going to break the bank if you drop one through the grill or turn a hot dog into a carbon log.

What’s your all-time favorite grill?

My all-time favorite grill was not mine. However, my friend was always happy to sit back and let me cook on his Weber Genesis II. Oh my! I probably love it most because it gets hot fast and it’s a big grill. You can place a lot of food on this grill. My only gripe with it is that it comes with stainless steel grates instead of cast iron. I think the Webber Genesis II with a cast iron grate would make me really happy. One day.

What’s your biggest secret to a delicious grilled meal? 

I think I may have mentioned this in a few of my articles. I love salt. It’s so simple but it really brings the flavors and the juices forward in grilling. Dry brining with salt or wet brining is part of my biggest secret. The second part of that is the kind of salt and for me, hands down, I love Colima salt. Colima slat comes from an inland lagoon in Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico, which naturally filters out the unfortunate pollutants of the sea. It’s one of the “cleanest” salts out there with a rich mineral content. I highly recommend it.