D’Artagnan Review: Is It The Best Meat Delivery Service?

Are you looking for a meat delivery service? If so, then D’Artagnan is one of the delivery services you should consider when buying your meat. They sell everything from truffles, caviar, wild game to lamb, poultry, and humanely raised beef. The following information is everything you need to know about D’Artagnan.

A Little History

George Faison and Ariane Daguin were working a charcuterie shop in New York. In 1985, a farmer walked in and pitched the first domestically raised and produced foie gras in the United States. When the shop’s owner declined to sell the product, Faison and Daguin teamed up and took on the farmer’s proposal. This is how D’Artagnan was born.

Initially, the duo started by supplying foie gras directly to restaurants. Within a short period, they branched out with a line of antibiotic-and-hormone-free, organic, free-range, humanely raised poultry and livestock. Their line also included selected game meats. 

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To guarantee consistency and quality, all their animals were raised in a network of around 1,500 small farms all over the USA. The move ensured animal husbandry and processing quality were not compromised. 

Currently, you can easily come across D’Artagnan in supermarkets and specialty stores all around the US. The good news is you can find everything you need from uncured Wagyu beef bresaola and wild truffles to foie gras, rolled wild boar shoulder, caviar, and semi-boneless quail.


Most Popular Meats from D’Artagnan

The meat delivery company offers a lot of meat options. They include veal, wild boar, venison, rabbit, buffalo, bison, lamb, pork, and beef. Poultry meals include wild Scottish game, squab, quail, pheasant, guinea hen, goose, capon, turkey, chicken, and duck. 

When it comes to beef, it is dry and wet-aged depending on the meat selection. All their meat is grass-fed. D’Artagnan focuses on high-quality meats that are fully organic to ensure you get some of the best quality meat products on the market. For instance, they offer exclusive Cervena Red Deer from New Zealand. It is renowned as the finest quality venison in the world.

Order Suggestions

The menu at D’Artagnan is quite extensive. You may be confused or find it a challenge to order. If this is the case, check out our list below. It comprises some of the best meals they have on offer. This is based on our research and reviews from consumers who have ordered from the company. 

Artisanal Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec, Pork

Very few people know about this sort of dry sausage. Originally from France, it is common and made by hand in the mountains of France. Anyone French who knows about will tell you it is hard to come by in the United States.

It is described as a middle-of-the-road and milder crowd-pleaser that has a low probability of offending. If you don’t take salt this is not for you. It is a little salty with pork being the centerpiece here. Some of the seasonings include nutmeg, celery extract, white pepper, and garlic. Although they are pleasant flavors, they are balanced to ensure you are not distracted from the meat.

Artisanal Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec, Duck

Are you a fan of duck meat? Then you should try out this stuff! Take note it is ground duck meaning you can slice it more on the thicker side. Be ready to taste a heavy and herbaceous Chinese-five-spice set of flavors. There is a semi-sweet finish despite the use of black pepper, garlic, nutmeg, and cinnamon that stand out. All in all, it is a leaner sausage. However, the richness of dark meat makes up for the lack of fatty acids. 

Artisanal Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec, Wild Boar

Consider this as more of a funkier and gamier dry sausage. It is usually a taste you will experience with wild boar and other similar wild game. Reviews show people either love or hate it, with very few stating conflicted sentiments. If you are keen, you notice a slightly gamey, irony-kind of finish that reminds you of offal. 

If you don’t mind organ meats, your palate will accommodate this without a problem. You notice it is nowhere near tripe, kidney, or liver. Remember it is not for everyone, especially if you don’t like game meat. On the other hand, if you are a fan of game meat and familiar with wild boar, this will work wonders on your taste buds. 

Wagyu Beef Bresaola

The Wagyu Beef Bresaola from D’Artagnan is one of the most decadent meals you can get from the company’s product line. It is air-dried and hand-crafted Wagyu beef eye round. With an Italian style to it, you may think of it as a red meat version of prosciutto. Keep in mind it is a touch fatter, richer, and less briny making it close to Iberian Jamon. Take this into consideration when you place Wagyu Beef Bresaola on your cutting board. 

For starters, you need to use a deftly sharpened samurai sword (not literally, but you get the gist). The best way to enjoy it is by cutting slices that are almost translucent thin. If you don’t, you may get the feeling you are chewing salted leather. The same principle is applied to the majority of whole cuts of cured meat.

The portions are anything from 1.75 pounds to 2.25 pounds. The size is usually about 18 inches long and they look round as a fist. It means you can enjoy it several nights with a few loved ones, or serve a party with one of the best hors d’oeuvres. Always make sure you use someone with great knife skills to slice it. 

Don’t expect to get any interesting, exciting, or surprising flavors. Before you decide on Wagyu Beef Bresaola from D’Artagnan, think mostly of a little celery salt, dark meat (from the eye round), and muscly meat. Treat it the way an experienced chef would treat any cut of a good steak.

Jambon de Bayonne

Jambon de Bayonne     

It is pre-sliced and paper-thin. The salt content may qualify it as ham. You can do anything you would do with prosciutto to Jambon de Bayonne easily. Pigs used to get this classification need to be certified PGL (protected geographical location). This proves they have been raised in France’s Bayonne region. The salt for curing means it was gotten from Salies-de-Bearn.  

It takes 12 months to cure this slice of meat. It has to be where the humid air from the ocean “meets” the warm wind of the Pyrenees Mountains. This fact may not mean anything to you as the consumer, but if you want the best ham in summer, this is it. You can use it as a great accompaniment for summer fruits such as melon. If you want it still filled with flavor and juicy, try smoking it at 250° F or thereabouts.

Semi-Boneless Quail

Anyone familiar with small game birds has an idea of what they will get when they go for quail. One of the advantages of getting quail from D’Artagnan is you get the assurance of the quality of their meat. Usually, meat delivery services give you quail with bits of plumage left to pluck out. With D’Artagnan, you don’t get this problem, and their quail is partially deboned to give you less work. 

Quails from the meat delivery service are fed on an all-grain diet and raised in open barns. This makes them produce rich-dark meat that is designed to be consumed by humans. Additionally, they have v-shaped grill pins ensuring you are all set for smoking, grilling, or stuffing. Finding small game birds like the quails provided by D’Artagnan is not easy.

For good results, you can stuff them with bay leaves and garlic after you brine them with a few herbs. You can now smoke them. If you have other cooking preferences, try and get a recipe that is designed for quails. They are small and cook fast. For example, Muscovy duck breast is a healthy option thanks to it being extremely lean. With the low-fat content, it may be a challenge determining if you desiccated or cooked them just right.

Muscovy Duck Breast

Muscovy ducks, just like the quails, are raised to full maturity in open barns. Their skin is thinner and their meat is leaner. If you compare these ducks with a Peking duck, you will notice Muscovy is very lean. There are a plethora of recipes you can choose from when it comes to Muscovy ducks. Always keep in mind they are a healthier alternative to turkey and chicken.

Smoking needs care since there have been reports of the meat coming out a little on the dry side. All the same, it is a great option for dark-fleshed and lean fowl. A good option would be to roll it and tie it with wild boar. You can then smoke it for 8 – 12 hours. It may be an epiphany on your sentiments on duck meat.  

Boneless Wild Boar Shoulder

If you are planning on ending up with pork, the recommendation is to buy pork shoulders on the bone instead of their boneless counterparts. When you leave the bones in, it brings out the flavor of the meat. If you prefer slow-cooking, the move ensures you prevent your meat from drying out. 

However, the boneless wild boar shoulder from D’Artagnan is a rolled and tied boar shoulder. It is something different that you may want to think about braising in the oven. Some people have stated that it can come out well if you toss it in if you have quails and duck breasts going on in the smoker.

When compared to farm-raised pork, the boneless wild boar shoulder is more like the wild boar Saucisson. It has richer, redder, and darker meat. Wild boar from D’Artagnan is trapped or wild-caught in Texas. Boars from this state forage on grains, acorns, fruits, nuts, roots, and nuts, according to the brand. 

If you decide to smoke this cut, the recommendation is to set it on low smoke at about 160° F for 8 – 12 hours. You can do it longer depending on how your smoker works and your preferred doneness. If a roast is more to your liking, slow cook it for about 250° F until you get to your desired internal temperature.

Meat Buying Guide

Unfortunately, you have no guarantee that any meat you buy comes from a high-quality source. So how do you ensure you increase your chances of getting quality? Use the following tips to know if you are getting the right meat for your needs. 


Fat Level

Marbling is a name thrown around for good reason. It is the interspersed fat that gives a more delicious and deeper taste to your meat. It should feel firm especially if your meat comes frozen. This kind of fat also contributes to ensuring your meat retains its taste and juices when you cook the same. Remember older animals have more yellow fat. This means they can be less tender, although the meat has a high tendency of being more mature and deeper taste.


Meats like poultry, pork, lamb, and veal are consumed directly. When it comes to beef, tenderizing is a good option. Beef tenderization is done using several methods. However, the best option is hanging it as you tenderize. It will lose considerable liquid and develop a taste at the same time. 

The gain in taste and loss of liquid is the reason why meat tenderized by hanging costs more and is considered a better cut. Don’t think about the difference in the cost as paying more for less. After all, you are paying for meat that has minimal “water” instead of paying a lower cost, without the taste. 

Have you ever noticed your meat shrinks when you cook it? It is simply because you got meat with a lot of water. When you cook it, the water disappears. That is why the size of fresh meat is not the same when you cook it.


An animal that is grazed easily builds their fat and meat in natural proportions. Green and natural grass offer more delicious interspersed fat and tastier meat than any other feeds. Try tasting corn-fed calves and chickens, or Spanish Pata Negra pigs fed with acorns since birth. You will notice there is a difference in the taste of their meat. These are all examples of how feeds can change the taste of meat from the same breed of animals. 

Happy Animals

It is a moral obligation to ensure all animals have a decent life. Good animal husbandry is something you should consider as part of your inquiries regarding your meat sources. There is a connection between high-quality meat and good animal husbandry.

Result and Price

Cheap meat is different from affordable meat. Cheap meat may mean you are buying saltwater. As a rule of thumb, always opt for a richer and tastier cut despite its smaller size. Don’t wait for your meat to lose half its size in the cooking pot or pan and get disappointed. 

Always know the company you have and the extras you may have. For example, go for about 2 pounds if you are expecting five guests. This way, you will ensure everyone gets a sizeable piece or pieces of meat on their plate. Additionally, you will also be safe should an extra guest or two join your meal. Never compromise quality for quantity.

Mission Driven, Flavor Focused | D’Artagnan

We’ve made it easy to find just the right thing for your next meal, whatever the season, recipe, cooking technique, or occasion.

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Key Features

There are several features of packaged meat you should consider. They include:

  • Avoid pre-marinated, pre-spiced, or processed meat. These are usually produced using low-quality cuts of meat
  • The pieces should be carefully and evenly cut
  • Interspersed fat (marbling) gives more taste and juicier meat
  • The meat should never be wet and wobbly. Instead, it should be firm and dry
  • Avoid any meat that is grayish or brown at the edges
  • The color of the meat should be red, deep, and clear. The darker the meat, the richer the taste
  • The meat should be firm when chilled

One of the key features is you can order the best quality beef, pork, lamb, duck, poultry, fish, chicken turkey, and wild game. You can order online and it will be delivered to your home and business. The site has several cooking guides on how to cook and prepare their meats, game, poultry, and fish Holiday cooking guides tell you how to prepare special roasts, turkeys, goose, capons, and appetizers.

There are articles on how to throw a  tailgate and mardi gras party. They have recipes on how to prepare beef, burgers, chicken, bacon, duck, ham, pork, lamb, seafood, and other foods sold. The site is an extensive resource of cooking information by experts in the industry. The site has cooking videos of chefs preparing duck breast, rabbit, and other special recipes.

Items are sold individually, in a pack of 4, and sometimes 10 depending on the item. They are shipped frozen to your home or business. Some items are sold by the pound and packs. The quality is excellent and the prices high. The products have detailed descriptions about the item and the source. The order is packed in a box with insulated foam and ice packs. It is shipped overnight by FedEx. Ordering is easy and convenient.

D artagnan page

The site uses categories and drop-down menus to make ordering easy It meat and game, ducks and poultry, foie grass, seafood, charcuterie, truffles and mushrooms, pantry, gifts, collections, new items, sales, and recipes and preparation articles and videos. It is rated highly by customers for the quality of its food and products.

There is a special section on the website called Cooking Essentials. It has special sections on Seafood Essentials, Tips, and Techniques, Everyday Eating, Cassoulet 101, Truffles and Mushrooms 101, Holidays and Entertaining, Meat and Game Guide, Poultry and Game Bird Basics, Duck and Foie Grass Fundamentals, Charcuterie, and Gourmet Pantry Essentials. They are articles and guides on how to use and prepare their food products.

The Recipe Section has dozens of recipes for customers on how to cook and use their meats, poultry, and seafood. They have recipes for appetizers, bacon, baking, beans and chestnuts, beef, braising, breakfast and brunch, beef, bison, burgers, caviar, chicken, Christmas, comfort foods, duck, French classics, frying, game birds, goose, grilling, ham, lamb, mushrooms, pheasant, pork, rabbit, sausage, seafood, turkey, veal, and venison.


Each section had delicious recipes to try at home or in your restaurant. The burger section has 34 recipes, the beef section 57 recipes, and the seafood section 23 results. They are detailed instructions on ingredients needed, and how to cook the recipe. With expert chefs, all their recipes are tested for accuracy.  These are some of the many features of the site.

The service uses meats, poultry, and games raised by vendors that do not use any hormones or antibiotics. They are raised by farmers and ranchers using grass-fed and free-range environments. The meats are aged slowly not grown quickly for a profit.  Japanse Wagyu beef is raised in small herds in a low-stress environment. Some of our Wagyu beef is imported from Japan or raised in the United States.

Their pork is raised by farmers that allow pigs to roam in pasture and feed natural grain. They carry milk-fed pork that is raised to a larger size in Europe and produce very tender juicy pork. When your planning an outdoor barbecue they sell whole pigs from 21 to 50 lbs for large groups. The grass-fed Australian lamb is sold in different cuts in packages.  Their domestic lamb is raised in the Rocky Mountain regions naturally. The veal from France follows strict guidelines to produce milk-fed veal.

Their poultry and game are raised by farmers that let them roam and feed them grains and vegetables. The duck and turkey are the same. They sell farm and wild-caught fish and shellfish for customers too. Fish is sold by the pound and often in four to a package. Shellfish is sold in pounds and two pounds is the standard size order. They sell wild sockeye salmon and farm-raised salmon raised in sustainable environments. All their seafood is raised in eco-friendly environments.

Breed, Age, and Sex

The majority of people around the world have either learned how to cook or order food for delivery online. This means they are looking to get quality products whenever they can. As such, the quality of meat has gotten a keen interest. It is where the importance of breed, age, and sex of what you are buying comes in. 

When it comes to beef selection, the sex of the animal is crucial. According to chefs and several experts, a bullock, steer or castrated bull tastes better than a female cow. However, what you may not know is age is more crucial than the sex of the animal. It is more so the case for animals slaughtered before they reach sexual maturity.

For instance, a milk cow that has calved and is slaughtered before it is five years old has the tastiest and most delicious meat. Steers are also tastier because castration increases the amount of marbling in the meat while slowing their growing process. Avoid any meat from animals that are more than four years old whenever possible. For poultry, younger animals are more tender, but it doesn’t mean they are tastier.

How to Buy

D Artagnan

You can order meat and game by the cut and individually according to the size. They sell Angus beef, grass-fed beef, and Japanese Wagyu beef. Wagyu cows are raised in small herds without hormones or antibiotics.  You will find they sell a variety of naturally raised pork products, and Australian and domestic lamb. They sell whole chicken, legs, thighs, wings, whole ducks, and breasts.

We have seafood that can be ordered by the pound and cut into fillets. Most come with 4 fillets and have sea bass, pink snapper, salmon, tuna, red grouper, wild swordfish, and North Atlantic cod. They sell jumbo sea scallops and organic black tiger shrimp by the pound. Small and large tins of farm-raised caviar from France are available.

When you want to stock up it is suggested to buy by the essential bundle. These packages come with a pork lover bundle with chorizo sausage, pork rib chops, ground pork, and pork shoulder. Other special essential bundles are Raise Your Steaks, The Grill Master Special, Heritage Chicken, and Waygu Lovers.

When you in the mood for a special gourmet meal the D’Artagnan Inspiration bundles will do the trick. They come with servings for two, sauces, vegetables, and fat.

Some of their entrees are Veal Chops with citrus herb butter, Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon with truffle butter, and the French classic meal Chicken Coq Au Vin. Bundles often are sold with a certain amount off the total price. They often have sales on certain meat and bundles with 20- 30% off. These sales are run every month.

You will find ground pork, sausage, chorizo, bacon, chicken sausage, and pancetta to be reasonably priced items. Whole free-range chickens often range from $10 to $21 dollar. Overall whole chickens and turkey parts are less expensive than beef and other meat products. Some hams are reasonably priced a Tasso Ham is $14.99 for 16-19 ounces. Sliced meats for sandwiches are a good buy too and ground meats.

If you are new to the service you can buy by the cut and size, packs, or by the pound. You can order small amounts to try the service out. The order is shipped frozen and delivered to your door. It is shipped overnight and delivered quickly to ensure quality.  They have gift certificates available to give friends, family members, and colleagues.  Order online or call 1-800-327-8246 for more information Monday thru Friday 9 am- 5 pm.

Chicken Buying Guide

Being an informed shopper begins by knowing what goes into foods. This is something that is not always straightforward when it comes to chicken. Apart from deciphering the labels, logos, and stamps, you also need to consider freshness indicated by the chicken’s aesthetics. There are 9 things you need to consider when buying chicken. They are:

Aroma and Appearance

A pinkish color is a sign of fresh chicken. Avoid cosmetic damages such as tears or bruising on the skin. All these can affect the chicken’s freshness and quality. When you press against the chicken, it should be plump. It means the chicken should go back to its original state in a few seconds when you press it. A neutral and clean aroma is also a good indicator of freshness. 


Package Liquid

Chicken with excess pooling in the packaging should be avoided. The excess liquid is caused by the water immersion process normally used to cool it to a safe preservation temperature. When you place a poorly packaged chicken on a tray to prepare it for cooking, it will purge these fluids. The result is a soggy texture and diluted flavor. 


To prevent contaminating utensils and kitchen surfaces, you need to use diligent food safety practices when deboning and trimming chicken at home. To avoid this, you can get chicken that is trimmed.

Raised Without Antibiotics

It is confusing when you try to interpret label jargon for antibiotics used on a chicken. The label may state the chicken was raised without antibiotics or it’s antibiotic-free. The USDA requires a producer or meat supplier to abide by a waiting or withdrawal period before they label the chicken antibiotic-free. This move ensures the antibiotics are no longer present. The label raised without antibiotics gives you a guarantee that the chicken was never administered antibiotics when they were raised. 

Certified Organic

In the United States, organic certification is only given to producers who follow and implement ongoing compliance with several strict practices and standards. The National Organic Program from USDA is the country’s most widely recognized and used organic program. Producers like D’Artagnan go a step further by getting the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) certification. It enforces the guidelines for the humane handling of animals at every step.  


It is a term that indicates that the chicken was soaked in a solution or injected with the same during processing. Some processors are known to inject chicken with chicken or saltwater broth. These enhancements add MSG, nitrites, and nitrates. They are designed to raise sodium levels while taking away the natural flavor of the chicken.  


Any chicken packaged with the label vegetable-fed means the product was raised with a diet that lacked any animal by-products. Some producers look for various ways to hasten growth rates and cut costs. These chicken producers usually feed their birds with a diet that’s reinforced with animal by-products

Non-GMO Project Verified

This seal appears on birds that we fed and raised on a certified and organic Non-GMO diet. The diet complies with Non-GMO Projects standards. NGP (Non-GMO Project) is a non-profit organization offering third-party labeling and verification for Non-GMO products and food. For certified organic programs, Non-GMO grains are a requirement. 


The majority of D’Artagnan orders arrive in Styrofoam boxes filled with freezer packs to ensure the order is chilled. It is evident other brands use better packaging. Styrofoam boxes are also not environment friendly, which may be a concern for some consumers. 

D’Artagnan Pros & Cons

To make sure you get a better understanding of this meat delivery service, it is wise to know its advantages and disadvantages. Use the short review of its pros and cons below to discern if D’Artagnan is the right meat delivery company for you. 


  • They sell sustainable quality cuts of meat, poultry, and seafood. 
  • When you order your food, it is shipped overnight and delivered quickly. Although it is pricey most customers like the high-quality of the product they sell. Some products are reasonably priced and you can order for one or two people.
  • They sell specialty meat, game, and poultry that are hard to find when you use most meal delivery services.
  • It is not a subscription service so you can place an order at any time and in limited amounts. They have frequent promotions and sales on specialty items.
  • Their system is easy to use to order online. They break the meats and other food products into easy-to-use categories and subcategories.
  • They specialize in meat so this is their most popular item. Some products are average price but specialty items bring a higher price due to quality and smaller quantities.
  • Free shipping on large orders
  • Low minimum threshold
  • Commitment free-ordering
  • Rare specialties only available at D’Artagnan
  • Plenty of artisanal meal items
  • Humanely raised, sustainable, and premium-quality meat
  • The service receives more good reviews than negative and customers overall seemed pleased with their products and services.


  • Doesn’t fit every budget May not be available in your local grocery stores, meat stores, and supermarkets
  • Their prices are high and may not be affordable for everyone.
  • They cater to chefs and foodservice professionals and consumers’ willingness to pay a higher price for specialty meat and food products.
  • A few customers have complained that the quality of the food has declined. They claim that the meats and poultry sent were past the expiration date and tasted poorly.

Alternatives Services We Recommend

Farm Foods

farm foods

Farms Foods is a food delivery service in Los Angeles that sells beef,  sausage, pork, chicken, turkey, game, seafood, and lamb. They list the farms and ranches that sell their food products.

They use no hormones or antibiotics. You can buy food by shopping on the suppliers or the drop-down menu for beef, pork, chicken, and other meats.  Their value packs often cost over $99 and come with free shipping on a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. Pork bulk packs have sausage, chops, ham, and bacon. They sell grass-fed meats, pork, and chicken by the ounce or pound.

They offer free delivery when you order over 10 pounds. These products are lower in price and they ship overnight using FedEx and dry ice. If your shipment arrives in poor condition they offer a refund. The order may take a few days to arrive they have a high rating with customers for quality.

Know Where Your Food Comes From | Farm Foods

Farm Foods Market, at its core, is an online butcher shop offering known origin meats and proteins.

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Crowd Cow

crowd cow

This is an online service that sends out boxes of meat, poultry, and seafood that the customer orders and pick themselves. You can order monthly or one time to try it out.

Each customer has control over what is in the order and they let you review it if their staff picks items according to their preferences. They sell grass-fed beef and specially raised Japanese Wagyu beef. Their selection is steaks, ribeye, filet mignon ground beef, stew meat, and roasts. You will find their chicken and chicken part raised free-range and without hormones and antibiotics.

Crowd Cow sells sustainable seafood, lamb, game, pork, bison, turkey, plant-based protein, desserts, seasons, and sauces. Many types of meat, poultry, and seafood items are reasonably priced. Orders are shipped out with dry ice and arrive in a few days or less. They have cooking instructions on their website and recipes for all the products they sell.

This service has about 4-5 boxes you can choose from with meats, pork, sausage, and bacon selected for you and packed. You can customize your box and order the products you want with this service too. Boxes range from $70 to $130 per order. You can review your order before paying and make changes to it. They have good products but you have to order a box as it is a subscription service.

Chicago Steak Company

Chicago Steak Company

This company sells Angus Beef, wet-aged beef, dry-aged beef, and Wagyu beef, pork, steak burgers, chicken breasts, ribs, roast,  and ham. They are known for surf and turf due to their fresh seafood market. They sell fresh fish in packs of four or six to a package of salmon, bass, tuna, and red snapper. They sell lobster tails, scallops, and shrimp. They have a surf and turf dinner for two or four people with filet mignon and lobster tail or steak and crab cakes.

They sell ready-to-eat sous vide dinners of pork spare ribs, filet mignon, roast, and chicken. Most packages contain 8 pieces and are rather pricey. The quality of their products is high and they offer standard delivery, express delivery, and overnight delivery. Delivery fees are extra. Prices for food ranges from $75 to $400. It is expensive but customers seem to appreciate the quality of the meat and seafood.

D’Artagnan FAQs

Question: What is the minimum purchase price for an order?

Answer: The order must be at least $50.00 worth of products from the site.

Question: How do you order online or by phone?

Answer: If you plan to order frequently it is suggested you create an online account. This will involve providing your name, address, email, and phone. We accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express cards issued by banks and credit institutions in the United States. An online account will save your order history so you can view it. You can order by phone too our customer service reps are here from Monday through Friday from 9 am -5 pm. Eastern Standard Time. Their phone is 1-800-327-8246.

Question: How are orders shipped?

Answer: They are shipped by FedEx Overnight and FedEx Priority Overnight. Charges are calculated based on the weight of the order and your location for delivery. You can select your delivery date for orders. Order is delivered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Other information on ordering and shipping can be found under the Customer Service Tab on the website.

Question: Do they offer wholesale prices to restaurants, food service businesses, and retailers?

Answer: Yes, you can call our customer service number listed above or fill out The New Wholesale Customer Request Form online.

Question: Are all the Meats at D’artagnan Halal?

Answer: Not all their meat is Halal. However, their lamb is domestic lamb raised in the Rocky Mountain area by a small number of family-owned farms. All their lamb is raised domestically and in Australia. Fortunately, all the lamb meals and meat are Halal certified.

Question: Where is D’artagnan located?

Answer: The primary warehouses and headquarters of the company are located in Union, New Jersey. Additionally, the company has regional warehouses and offices in Denver, Colorado, Macon, Georgia, Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois.

Question: Are their products gluten-free?

Answer: Even though all raw meat is gluten-free naturally, irrespective of what the animal is fed, some of their prepared products may contain gluten. They may also be made in a facility that processes other products such as tree nuts, wheat, dairy, and soy that may contain gluten. With this in mind, check individual product ingredients and details to be sure.

Question: Is it possible to purchase D’artagnan products from my Local Food Store or Supermarket?

Answer: D’Artagnan sells to many food retailers and wholesalers across the nation. As they have developed a store locator, you are advised to look for their products when you are shopping. 

In case you need additional help, you can contact them. They promise to try and find the nearest location within your region where you can find their products. Keep in mind product availability and selections vary by individual food retailers or supermarkets. 

Question: Where can I find a Printed Consumer Catalog?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t find a printed consumer catalog from the company. Their official website serves to identify products they currently have available for online orders.

Bottom Line

You may be wondering if there is a more affordable charcuterie in the market. The answer is yes! The problem is it is a challenge to find more affordable truffles, caviar, and foie gras. 

On the upside, you have access to high-quality food. Their foods are fully hormone, antibiotic, organic, and are humanely processed and raised. All you need is to confirm you can afford the same. Few meat delivery services meet the standards at D’Artagnan

Mission Driven, Flavor Focused | D’Artagnan

We’ve made it easy to find just the right thing for your next meal, whatever the season, recipe, cooking technique, or occasion.

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